About CEFA

Commodity Examination Facility for Agriculture (CEFA) is a specialized facility designed to inspect & examine agricultural products. CEFA plays a crucial role in safeguarding the country’s agricultural resources by preventing entry of diseases and contaminants that could jeopardize food safety and security. CEFA helps prevent the spread of livestock diseases like the African Swine Flu (ASF), and the Avian Flu, by inspecting and testing imported agricultural shipments. CEFA will play a role in maintaining a harmonious balance between importation and local production, ensuring steady and reliable food supply for the nation.

The Commodity Examination Facility for Agriculture is guaranteeing disease-free imports. CEFA will act as a vigilant guardian, conducting meticulous inspections and tests on all agricultural imports. CEFA not only protects the well-being of the citizens, but also safeguard the multi-generational farmers from devastating impacts of foreign-born diseases and other agricultural risks.

CEFA’s goal is to improve food safety by providing advanced facilities for cold storage and examination of agricultural products. The institution’s crucial role in ensuring food safety is by preventing spoilage and contamination of agricultural products. CEFA’s impact in maintaining the quality and freshness of food, reducing post-harvest losses, and extending the shelf-life of perishables. The improvement of food safety practices and infrastructure through CEFA contributes to achieving food security in the Philippines.

CEFA serves as a crucial defense against foreign-born diseases and safeguards our precious livestock and protecting the integrity of our agricultural resources. Proactively preventing the entry of devastating diseases, CEFA becomes a cornerstone of our food safety and security endeavors. Thus, empowers our agri-entrepreneurs, equipping them with the tools and confidence to cultivate their ventures sustainably. Disease-free livestock and crops fortify their production capacity, increasing the availability of locally sourced food and bolstering our food security.

CEFA sets the stage for a sustainable agricultural sector that will sustain and enrich our country for generations to come.

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